Type 1600DKQ 1600SKQ-1 1600SKQ-2
Mesh Plain 10-100 /Twill 40-350 Plain 8-40/Twill 40-350 Plain 4-30
Wire Diameter(mm) <0.8 <10.9 <1.6
Weave Width 1600mm/2000mm 1600mm/2000mm 1600mm/2000mm
Speed 40-50 T/min 30-40 T/min 28-30 T/min
Shaft 2 2 2
Weave type Plain/Twill Plain/Twill Plain

More accurate

It can ensures a consistent size of mesh (opening)

Its error range is much lower than industry standard

More automation

It can adjust mesh size within range automatically

It can weave 24 hours per day without worker

More longer of Roll length

Its roll length could reach 500meter

It is more better for industry filter mesh

Servo controlled

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