The calculate of technological parameter


1).L: the length of warp wire


L₁:the length of the mesh you will produce

L₂:the length of the consumption,about 4-6m

2). M: the total number of the wire

M=Mesh×[Mesh Width(mm) ÷25.4mm]

3). N: the number of turns of warping

N=L÷πD ²

D:the diameter of warp beam

4). B: the number of handful (Max number of spool =the hole number of lease reed)


M: the total number of the wire

SB:the number of spool

The width of one B

Theoretical width : WBt=SB× L

Actual width: WBa=WBt – W0

LM:the length of one mesh

Definition : Gap width according to different specifications,

generally  <50 mesh   the gap width of one handful wire (W0) is(3-5)mm,   50mesh-200nesh  the gap width(W0)is(2-4)mm>200mesh    the gap width(W0)is(2-3)mm

5) Thickness of warp:H=d2N/Lm

d:wire diameter

N:the number of turns of warping

Lm:the length of one mesh

6). Slop length of warp: I=ZI0N

I:the slop length of warp

Z: the number of gear(when the warp beam turn aroud a lap,how many the conic mechnism move )

I0:the length of bracket move,when the conic mechanism move a gear

N: the number of turns of warping

7). a:the distance from the end of beam to the start point of warping


A。:the length of warp beam

A:the width of mesh

I: the slop length of warp


Producing stainless steel wire mesh


Mesh width:1000mm

Mesh length:300m

Raw material:304

Weaving type:Plain weave

Number of spool:2400

The length of warp beam:1400mm

The perimeter of warp beam:1000mm

When the warp beam turn round a lap,The move gear:1,the move distance of bracket:0.111mm

Pls calculate the parameter?

  • M=Mesh × (Mesh width ÷4)=240×(1000÷25.4) ≈8000
  • S=240
  • B=M/30=8000÷240≈34
  • Each theory width of one handful:

=one handful wire roots×1 mesh=240×(0.075+0.05)=30mm

  • Each actual width of one handful

= the theory width of one handful- Each gap width =30-3=27mm

  • L= L₁+L₂=300m+(4~6)m=304~306m
  • I=ZI0N=2×111×3000=66.6mm
  • a=[A。-(A+I)]/2+I=[1400-(1000+66.6)]/2+66.6=233.3mm

the starting position of warping is 233.3mm to the right of warp beam.