The reasons of common defects and prevent method


A. Cross wire

Reasons analysis

1),The width of reed is equal or greater than the width of provision.

2),Some fault on conic mechanism, for example every time when the number of gear turn is not same or gear slip.

3),After warp one handful the distance is less than the width of handful and slop length.

4),The counter can not work ,the number of turns is more or less than the correct.

5),the edge collapse occurred in warping.

6),The reed is not fixed at all, warp beam axial endplay.

Prevent method

1),Pls check the counter is accurate and reliable or not before warping.

You shoud finish a cycle and reset the counter before shift.

2),Pls check the machine work well or not before warping.

Check the gear slip or not.

Observing the gear number of conic mechanism , it is same or not.

3),The move distance of the bracket must be bigger than the diameter of wire when the warp beam takes a turn. If the edge collapse occurred in warping, you can coat he paraffin on the position of edge collapse.

4),After warping, first reset the conic mechanism, then move the bracket.

5),Pls confirm the same number of turn in warping.

Don’t change the number of wire and the width of reed.

B. Concave

Reasons analysis

1),In the process of warping tension is not constant.

2),Each move bracket distance is not same.

3),The gear number of conic mechanism is not same .

4),The counter can not work ,the number of turns is more or less than the correct.

5),In the process of warping reed wire width is inconformity.

6),In the process of warping the width of one handful wire is same but the roots of wire have changed.

Prevent method

1),Setting the tension when warp the first handful ,don’t change during the process of warping tension rods the root of the number.

2),After warping the one handful wire, adjusting the same distance of bracket .

3),In the process of warping,don’t change the same turns, the root of every handful wire and the width of reed.

C. warp wire joint

Because in the process of spool ‘s quantity is limited, to meet the requirements of warping length, when happen wire breakage, must take two wire together. Manual method of twist, and screw. As shown:

twist wire

The form of joint has the single buckle, double buckle, as shown:

single buckle