3.Warping machine working process

Warp wire motion track

Spool→Plastic reed→Wire guide roller→Lease reed→Tension rods→Reed→Warp beam


1),According to the warping specification, prepare the Lease reed、Reed、Warp beam。

2),To determine the distance from the conic mechanism to the right when the warp beam takes a turn.

To determine the turn’s number of warping and the width of yarn sheet, recording the starting point and finishing point of the width, and then mark the turns and gear number of conic mechanism.

3),Starting the warping machine.To observe whether the conic mechanism、the starting mechanism and the counter can work well or not.

4),Putting the spools on the spool form,and pulling the wire,then making the wire through the Plastic reed、Wire guide roller、Lease reed、Tension rods、Reed.

The outside order is from right to left, from top to bottom. The inside order is from right to left, from bottom to top. Then one wire through one reed hole, finally one wire (some wires) through reed.

5),Mark and fix the starting point of Lease reed、Reed、Warp beam.

6),Knot a piece of warp wire and Fix the warp wire in the Warp slot.

7),Setting number of turns on the Counter.

Resetting the Conic mechanism.

Fixing the Bracket.

Starting the machine.

Observing the condition of wire , it is well or not.

8),Stopping the machine when the warp beam takes the last turns but one, the same time to lease.

9),Cutting wire, and then using nylon rope tie up the wire to the warp beam.

10),Reset the Conic mechnism,

Reset the counter to zero before starting the machine.

Move the Bracket to the left( the moving distance is a handful wire),

prepare the next warping step.

11),Repeat all steps


A.The outside wire will through the highest Wire Guide Roller;the inside wire will through the lowest Wire Guide Roller .

warping machine

B.Method of wire through to Lease seed:

the wire through spool form become to be the top wire and the down wire, the top wire through up hole of lease reed, the down wire through down hole of lease reed.

C.How to make the wire through the Reed?

The Role of reed is to limit the width of warp wire, then the same number of warp wire through to reed hole.

D.How to sub-cutter?

1)Prepare a twisted wire

Put the lease reed up by hand,the wire will be divided into up and down,andthen the rope cross the first hole.

2)Put the lease reed down by hand,the wire will be divided into upper and down again,and then the same rope cross the hole.

3)Moving the twisted wire to the place of reed.

4)Using steel rule hold one handful wire then tie them with nylon wire.

5) Using steel rule hold the second hole to bigger then tie them with nylon wire..

lease reed