Before weaving mesh preparation

(warping, healding &reeding)

1.Definition 2. Preparatory Work 3.Process 4. Notes and Solution 5.Calculation

Introduction from five points.

A certain number and length of warp wire compose the yarn sheet. Warp wire twines the warp beam with uniform tension and parallel and compactness. The purpose of warping is preparing for weaving mesh.

Draper-type warping process,as shown below:

warping for weaving wire mesh

Preparatory Work

Tooling: Spool Form、Spool、Plastic Reed、Lease Reed、Reed、Warping Beam、Bracket、Steel rule、Baffle、Warping Machine。


Spool form: put spools

Spool:the big spool can produce long mesh, the small spool can produce short mesh .

Lease reed: there are top-wire lease reed and down-wire lease reed.

One wire through one hole; one top, one down.

Reed: Limited the wire width, some wires through one hole

Warp boom: warp wire twine on it ,prepare for weaving mesh

Bracket: called headpiece can move

Steel rule:Measure the distance of bracket moving

Baffle To prevent wire down the edge.

Counter : count the number of turns , calculate the length of warping .

Note: Every time when finished the warping need to reset the counter to Zero.

warping machine