Egypt Client

Today(24,June) a new customer who come from Egypt visit our company .They are looking for crimped wire mesh machine. Our crimped wire mesh machine is divided into three types:Automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine,Se-auto Crimped Wire Mesh Machine and Hydraulic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine.

We showed our machine video and factory to them ,they are satisfied with our machines very much. Of course, we make a deal at last.

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28Jul 2017

We are very glad that our Israeli Customers visit our factory and check up their machine. They come to see the machine when we finished it, and try it out. all is well. Brief-introduction of wire mesh crimped machine Automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine is suitabla for producing Crimped Wire Mesh,the mesh is used for […]

10Jun 2017

Our wire mesh machine —1300Q and Aluminum alloy window machine Four sets1300Q have been finished. Aluminum alloy window machine is debugging. speed: ≥90 times/min is our goal. the quality of products is guaranteed

15May 2017

APM Welded Mesh Machine for coil . Wire Diameter 1.0-3.2mm Width of Mesh 914-2100mm Opening Size 25.4mm-152.4mm(1-6inches) Length of roll mesh 150mm Welding speed 100-120times/min Welding power 85KVA*7 Main motor power 4.0Kw Rated voltage 380V 3P 50HZ Weight 4.5T Overall dimension 3300*1700*1600mm

08May 2017

23rd Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition MiningWorld Central Asia (UFI Approved Event) is the largest and most respected in Kazakhstan and Central Asia international exhibition of mining and metallurgic complex combining leading manufacturers and specialists and providing a full complex of technologies and services for mining and processing complex. Dates: 20-22 […]

25Apr 2017

Our boss will come to China from India. We all know , our company is a manufacturer of wire mesh machine, we supply crimped wire mesh machine, wire mesh welding machine, stainless steel wire mesh machine, chain link fencing machine. Very thanks to Sanjeev, he is our cooperative partner. He help us more . If […]

15Apr 2017

Our India Client buy our crimped wire machine and crimped wire mesh machine with wire diameter:0.4-2.0mm and opening size:0.7-15mm Today we ship for our clients. What is the crimped wire mesh machine and crimped wire machine ? Crimped wire machine: the machine is used for crimped wire ,then the wire will be woven by the […]

14Apr 2017

On April 9, 2017. Our General Manager Nelly Chiew arrived India. Visit our customers and To do planning for our shop. As we all know, we have a shop for saling wire mesh machine in India. Now there are stainless steel wire mesh machine, crimped wire mesh machine, chian link fencing hpw machine. So welcome […]

01Apr 2017
wire mesh weaving type

Question what is the stainless steel wire mesh ? Answer: Application: petroleum, chemical, automotive, new energy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310S, Hastelloy, N6, Anti high temperature materials ect. Weaving Pattern: Square(plain weave, twill weave), Dutch(plain dutch weave, twill-dutch weave, double warp dutch weave, reverse plain dutch weave, reverse twill […]

24Mar 2017

Yesterday our technician went to Thailand. Training our customers how to use the stainless steel wire mesh machine and how to weave wire mesh. So far, Our technician has been debugging good two machines and the customer also learned a lot of technical knowledge. We supply kinds of wire mesh machines, like: stainless steel wire […]

18Mar 2017
apm crimped wire mesh machine

warning A, Voltage is between 220V-380V. it will burn motor or electrical apparatus element when the voltage is higher or lower. B, Don’t frequently inching,the interval of twice inching is more than 3 secs. To prevent elements damaged when starting current is too large. C, Manual button can not stay on the left for a […]

13Mar 2017
happy holi

Wish you and your family a wonderful, colourful HOLI Hope your life is filled with colours that reflect joy and harmony. Forever May these colours spread through the spectrum of your life, and fill every corner with prosperity Have a Fun- FILLED and safe HOLI… A Colourful Message, to a colourful person, for colourful day, […]

09Mar 2017

What prosuct the machine produces ?       stainless steel wire mesh What kinds of the machine ? Item Weaving Width (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Power (v) Weaving Speed (T/Min) Weave Type Weight (KG) Outsize (mm) 1300B 1300 0.025-0.12 80-400 380V 2.2KW 75-78 Plain and Twill 3000 2600x2800x1200 1300QD 1300 0.12-0.35 […]

03Mar 2017

What products the machine produces ?       crimped mesh What kinds of the machine ?       Features Final products have a wide usage: main usage for mine vibrating screen, also for the filter screen or the decorative curtain wall High productivity with the lowest cost. High quality crimping wheel with a […]

16Feb 2017

Button Option B1: the button turn to left is manual;the button turn to right is automatic. B2:B2 is named reset button,it can return counter to zero B3:when you press B3,the machine will srart to crimping wire. B4:B4 is named scram button. you can press the button ,when the machine has some problems in the work.then […]

15Feb 2017

Product Performance The machine mainly used for crimping Wire range: redrawing wire It is suitable for crimping 0.4-2.0mm wire Weaving Type Installation and Debugging Wiring connection based on circuit diagram. Installing the wire crimping wheel(the gear of up crimping wheel perpendicular to the slot of down crimping wheel) The wire from A to B by […]

18Oct 2016

We are the wire mesh machine manufacturer! Will go to Delhi attend the exhibition in December!Also will hold a sales show in Noida, we will show our wire mesh weave machine, crimped wire mesh machine, chain link fence machine and so on! Now we plan to send our invitation letter with a cash coupon value USD500, […]

23Sep 2016

Healding &Reeding   1.Definition Healding: Warp wire through the heddle in a certain rules Reeding : Warp wire through the reed in a certain order   2.Preparatory Work 1) According to the task, you need to get suitable heddles with straight and smooth. Putting the heddles perfectly on the heald frame,in the meantime,you need calculate […]

03Aug 2016
Egypt Client

Today(24,June) a new customer who come from Egypt visit our company .They are looking for crimped wire mesh machine. Our crimped wire mesh machine is divided into three types:Automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine,Se-auto Crimped Wire Mesh Machine and Hydraulic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine. We showed our machine video and factory to them ,they are satisfied […]

03Aug 2016
wire mesh machine

Our Indian shop is operated from Dec. 1 2015. We put the samples of Shuttleless Wire Weaving Machine ( 1300QD 1300Q) and Full Automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine, Meanwhile, we store all machine parts and accessories machine for shuttleless weaving machines.  Welcome all clients in all kinds of wire mesh business to visit our shop to […]

19Sep 2016

Before weaving mesh preparation (warping, healding &reeding) 1.Definition 2. Preparatory Work 3.Process 4. Notes and Solution 5.Calculation Introduction from five points. A certain number and length of warp wire compose the yarn sheet. Warp wire twines the warp beam with uniform tension and parallel and compactness. The purpose of warping is preparing for weaving mesh. […]

20Sep 2016

3.Warping machine working process Warp wire motion track Spool→Plastic reed→Wire guide roller→Lease reed→Tension rods→Reed→Warp beam 1),According to the warping specification, prepare the Lease reed、Reed、Warp beam。 2),To determine the distance from the conic mechanism to the right when the warp beam takes a turn. To determine the turn’s number of warping and the width of yarn […]

21Sep 2016

The reasons of common defects and prevent method   A. Cross wire Reasons analysis 1),The width of reed is equal or greater than the width of provision. 2),Some fault on conic mechanism, for example every time when the number of gear turn is not same or gear slip. 3),After warp one handful the distance is […]

21Sep 2016

The calculate of technological parameter   1).L: the length of warp wire L=L₁+L₂ L₁:the length of the mesh you will produce L₂:the length of the consumption,about 4-6m 2). M: the total number of the wire M=Mesh×[Mesh Width(mm) ÷25.4mm] 3). N: the number of turns of warping N=L÷πD ² D:the diameter of warp beam 4). B: […]