A, Voltage is between 220V-380V. it will burn motor or electrical apparatus element when the voltage is higher or lower.

B, Don’t frequently inching,the interval of twice inching is more than 3 secs. To prevent elements damaged when starting current is too large.

C, Manual button can not stay on the left for a long time,  if not, the brake coil of motor will be burned because of the motor fan does’t work for a long time.

D, The diameter of power line is more than 1.52mm, if the material is aluminum,the diameter is more than 42mm

E, Please turn off the power when the machine stop.

1.Automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine-Technical Parameters

Type APM-AM-F101
Name Automatic crimped wire mesh weaving machine
Wire Diameter 0.4-2.0mm
Open Size 0.7-15mm
Speed 30-50times/min
Width 2.0m
Outside 2.8*2.0*1.6m
Weight 2800kgs
Motor Power 2.2kw
Voltage 50Hz 380v/220v 3phase


2.Product Performance

2.1 The machine mainly used for weaving mesh

2.2 Wire range:low carbon steel wire,high carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire, redrawing wire.

2.3 It is suitable for weaving 0.4-2.0mm wire.

2.4 Drive mode:motor、V belt、crank shaft、gear、cam、chain wheel etc.

2.5 Signalling device:warp stop signal light and weft stop signal light.

3.Machine Structure and Working Principle 

3.1 Main structure:wire drive mechanism,let-off mechanism,beating-up mechanism.

3.2 Working Principle:This machine transmitted by V-belts,then distributed power to the Crankshaft,etc.

3.2.1 Cast sword mechanism:

Through a pair of conjugate cam on the crankshaft, it can promote the tripod, the gear, the pendulum and the sword belt for reciprocating movement to realize the action of weft insertion motion。

3.2.2 Beating-up mechanism:

Power distribute from the crankshaft, connecting rod to the beam to promote the reciprocating motion of the reed in order to achieve the beating-up action

3.2.3 Opening mechanism:

Through the left end of the crankshaft gear and according to the required transmission ratio it can transfer the power to set foot in the cam shaft. And then by tap comprehensive cam through a pull rod, a pedal lever,push rod drives the heald frame up and down movement to realize opening movement

3.2.4 Volume network mechanism:

Use the crankshaft left volume nets eccentric wheel drive volume rocker, bars, backstop , gear, make the roll shaft rotation roll nets on net. At the same time by volume of gear meshing pinion driven reel coiling burr.


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