Button Option

machine button

  1. B1: the button turn to left is manual;the button turn to right is automatic.

B2:B2 is named reset button,it can return counter to zero

B3:when you press B3,the machine will srart to crimping wire.

B4:B4 is named scram button. you can press the button ,when the machine has some problems in the work.then

the machine will stop working immediately.

Note: inching B3,when B1 si manual;Only press B3 one time,the machine will keep working ,when B1 is automatic。

2. M: push ”M”—disply menu,as follows

Set param :R1、R2、R3、R4 (R1 doesn’t display)


N means  ×1,×10,×100.

C、R means automatic-zero time that relay output (1-60s)

T means setting forward(set-forward is 1-999)

R3 means counting signal:

R3—1 means cotact-count

R3—2 means level-count

R3—3 means sensor-count

R4 means positive/negative :

R4—1 means positive-count

R4—2 means negativ-count

“▶” right button: you can move the positon by clicking right button.

“▲”  up button : you can increase the number by clicking up button.

“R”  reset button: when you press the button,the number and counter output state will restore to its initial state.

R2—1 means ×1 time, it disply 1 when you input one pulse signal.

R2—2 means ×1 time, it disply 1 when you input ten pulse signal.

R2—3 means ×100 time, it disply 1 when you input hundred pulse signal.

3. a、Setting count parameter

According to requirements, you can set:preset count、count rate relation、pulse width、positive/negative count.

For example: about N

Counting number is 123456, sensor input counting signal, count rate is ×1, counting method is positive .

b、The counter will enter prefabricated number setstate by pressing ’’M’’ :

First when ‘F’ flicker,pls press ” ▲” ,the ‘A ‘will become 1;

Second press ”▶”,the ‘B’ will flicker, pls press ” ▲” again,make the ‘E’ become 2;

In the same method, make the ‘C’, ’D’, ’E’, ’F’ become 3 4 5 6.

c、Third when step a finished, pls press ”M” ,the counter will enter ration relations setstate(R2): make counter

become R2-1 by pressing ” ▲” .

d、Forth when step b finished, pls press ”M” ,the counter will enter input mode setstate of count signal  (R3):

make counter become R3-3 by pressing ” ▲” .

e、Fifth when step c finished, pls press ”M” ,the counter will enter count mode setstate of positive/negative count (R4):

make counter become R4-1 by pressing ” ▲” .

f、Last press ” M” again,the counter will enter prefabricated number setstate ,then press ” R”, the setstate finished.

All operations by buttons,it can be start and stop in any position.

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