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Yesterday our technician went to Thailand. Training our customers how to use the stainless steel wire mesh machine and how to weave wire mesh. So far, Our technician has been debugging good two machines and the customer also learned a lot of technical knowledge. We supply kinds of wire mesh machines, like: stainless steel wire […]

warning A, Voltage is between 220V-380V. it will burn motor or electrical apparatus element when the voltage is higher or lower. B, Don’t frequently inching,the interval of twice inching is more than 3 secs. To prevent elements damaged when starting current is too large. C, Manual button can not stay on the left for a […]

Wish you and your family a wonderful, colourful HOLI Hope your life is filled with colours that reflect joy and harmony. Forever May these colours spread through the spectrum of your life, and fill every corner with prosperity Have a Fun- FILLED and safe HOLI… A Colourful Message, to a colourful person, for colourful day, […]

What prosuct the machine produces ?       stainless steel wire mesh What kinds of the machine ? Item Weaving Width (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Power (v) Weaving Speed (T/Min) Weave Type Weight (KG) Outsize (mm) 1300B 1300 0.025-0.12 80-400 380V 2.2KW 75-78 Plain and Twill 3000 2600x2800x1200 1300QD 1300 0.12-0.35 […]

What products the machine produces ?       crimped mesh What kinds of the machine ?       Features Final products have a wide usage: main usage for mine vibrating screen, also for the filter screen or the decorative curtain wall High productivity with the lowest cost. High quality crimping wheel with a […]